Resources for Parents and Families

Advantages of the Mountbatten Brailler to the Student: Skill Building. Introduces students to a wide range of computer concepts within the process of learning Braille. Things like using the keyboard, saving information in memory, working with files, control of speech output and many more. Students learn these skills easily, as a side-effect of using a modern Braille writing tool. Easy transition to other technologies and devices. Print to Braille and Braille to Print. Simple easy translation between Braille and print. … Read more

Mountbatten resources for Schools and Parents

Many of the resources you’ll find on this page are also available from the Downloads page. Click on links to open PDF files, or right-click on the link and choose „Save Link As” to download the file. Advantages of the Mountbatten Brailler to the Teacher: Sharing Resources: Files, work sheets and class exercises can all be shared digitally. A Braille Embosser is always on hand for those last minute Braille documents. One Device fulfils Many Needs: The Mountbatten is suitable … Read more

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