On this page, Mountbatten Distributors and Service Agents will find a growing bank of resources for end-user training, service and software updates for the Mountbatten and its accessories. If you should find a broken link or any other problem on the page, please contact us: info@mountbattenbrailler.com or iss-info@harpo.com.pl.

Mountbatten Models Chart

Mountbatten Models


Mountbatten Software Downloads

The files available for download from this page are the latest versions of the Mountbatten firmware for MB-25 Mountbattens (post-2006 manufacture with USB port), MB-Comm and the MB USB drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

For Mountbattens without the USB port, an update might still be available – please contact us.

These files are meant to be used and distributed by Mountbatten Service Agents; users please approach with caution.

End-users should be aware that loading Mountbatten firmware incorrectly can result in expensive service to rectify software failures; please do this yourself only on the advice of your distributor, and with their support ready to hand.

All instruction files included on this page are PDF files, which will require Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF reader to open.


MB-Comm for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

MB-Comm is the software to connect a Windows PC and a Mountbatten Brailler or a Mimic LCD display.

We include the latest version and the previous version; in almost every situation the latest version is the one to use.

If you need an earlier version for any reason, please contact us

If you have a previous version of MB-Comm installed, uninstall that software before installing the new version.

Please Note: The core installer does not include the Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package. Download this version only if you are sure you have this framework installed (installed by default on the newest systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10).

MB USB Drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

Use these drivers to enable USB connections between your Windows PC and the Mountbatten.

If your currently-installed USB drivers are working fine, please don’t update them.

Save the file – do not select Run – to your PC, then navigate to and open the file. The download is a self extracting file and will load and install the drivers.

Embossing from MB-Comm

  1. Create text file in any word processing program (Notepad is recommended).
  2. At the top and the bottom of your document embed the following commands:



  1. Connect the Mountbatten to the MB-Comm, select Emboss from the File menu.
  2. In the dialog, select the file you want to Emboss and click OK.

NOTE: The following languages require double braces for the commands, e.g. {{fe}} or {{flit}}: CZECH, ITALIAN, LITHUANIAN, RUSSIAN, SRILANKAN,TAIWANESE.

MBMimic for Mac OS X

MBMimic for Mac OS X has the same great features as its mobile counterpart. Required USB cable connection with the Mountbatten.

MBMimic for MacOSX
Latest Driver

Mountbatten Bluetooth Smart

The following Mountbattens can be upgraded to the Bluetooth Smart versions:

Writer Plus S/N MWP06B0101 and up
Pro S/N MBP06B0101 and up
Learning System S/N MBP06B0101 and up

e.g. MWP07A0051 is upgradeable because the number begins with 07.

The latest firmware version for the BT editions can be found below in the chart under the Current Version heading. You can use the current version of the firmware with any model (with or without a Bluetooth module). To upgrade firmware in your Mountbatten Bluetooth Smart the MB-Comm 5.5.2 for PC is required. MBMimic 1.4 for iOS is recommended and can be downloaded from the AppStore.

Installing the Mountbatten Bluetooth Extension Module:


Mountbatten Firmware

These files are the latest versions of the Mountbatten Bootloader, System Software and Speech Files. These files are made available here for the convenience of Mountbatten distributors and their service personnel.

Please note that you should only update to a similar version. For example, only ever replace version xxAS20 with a later numbered xxAS20.

If updating both the Bootloader and the System Software, always update the Bootloader first.

Mountbatten Bootloader Software

To download the Bootloader software, right click and choose „Save Target as”. Follow the instructions in the linked Instructions file.

Mountbatten Operating System Firmware and Speech Files

To download system files, right click and select „Save Target as”. Use the instruction file to update either the speech files or the system software.

SetLanguageSpeech FilePrevious versionCurrent versionWhisperer previous versionWhisperer current version
AAustralian - OZEnglishV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72

UK English - UKEnglishV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72

American - USAEnglishV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72

French - FR grade 1French - EuroV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72

Spanish - SPSpanish - EuroV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72

Italian - ITLItalian - EuroV91AS27V93AS27b66V93AV27b66V93AV27b72
BLithuanian - LITTo be addedV93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

Latvian - LATLatvianV93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

Czech - CZCCzech Feb-2012V93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

Russian - RUSRussian (for v72bs28 or newer)V93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

German - GERGerman - EuroV93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

Polish - POLEnglish-PolishV93BS35b66V93BS35b79V93BV35b72V93BV35b79

CBrazil - BRAEnglish-PortugueseV93CS22b66V93CS23b74V93CV22b72V93CV23b74

Portugal - POREnglish-PortugueseV93CS22b66V93CS23b74V93CV22b72V93CV23b74

Greek - GRKGreekV91CS21V93CS22b66V93CV22b66V93CV22b72
DFinnish - FINFinnishV91DS21V93DS23b66V93DV23b66V93DV23b72

Swedish - SWESwedishV91DS21V93DS23b66V93DV23b66V93DV23b72

Norwegian - NORNorwegianV91DS21V93DS23b66V93DV23b66V93DV23b72

Dutch - DUTDutchV91DS21V93DS23b66V93DV23b66V93DV23b72
EKorean - KORTo be addedV91ES20V93ES20b66V93EV20b66V93EV20b72

Thai - THATo be addedV91ES20V93ES20b66V93EV20b66V93EV20b72

Taiwan Chinese - TWNChineseV91ES20V93ES20b66V93EV20b66V93EV20b72

Mandarin Chinese - CHIChineseV91ES20V93ES20b66V93EV20b66V93EV20b72
FTurkish - TUKIn developmentV91FS20V93FS21b66V93FV20b66V93FV20b72
GArabic - ARBEnglish-ArabicV91GS24V93GS24b66V93GV24b66V93GV24b72

Belgian Dutch - DUTDutchV91GS24V93GS24b66V93GV24b66V93GV24b72
HSri Lanka, Sinhala - SLKSinhalaV91HS20V93HS20b66V93HV20b66V93HV20b72
SFrench - Euro Grade 2 - FREnglish-French-GermanV91SU21V93SU21b66V93SX21b66V93SX21b72

Canada English + French - CFR
grade 2

German - GEREnglish-French-GermanV91SU21V93SU21b66V93SX21b66V93SX21b72
ATArgentinian Spanish - SPSpanish-English + dictionaryV91AT22V93AT22b66V93AW22b66V93AW22b72
ATMexican - SPSpanish-English + dictionaryV91AT22V93AT22b66V93AW22b66V93AW22b72



Mountbatten Braille Codes

4-pin MBs for 8-dot Braille codes are available for the following languages:
– Czech
– German
– Japanese
– Lithuanian
– Norwegian
– Polish

Commands + parameters to switch between 8-dot and 6-dot Braille codes:

e.g. {bc 5} – to switch to 8-dot German; {bc 4} – to switch to 6-dot German


Mountbatten End-User Training Materials

Workshop materials

The following files are for the Fun for Little Fingers 2-hour Workshop issued in July 2011. All files are in English. Links to the Word versions are below.

Fun for Little Fingers Participant’s Workbook
Fun for Little Fingers Facilitator Notes
Fun for Little Fingers sample labels for Brailling
Fun for Little Fingers Powerpoint Slides
Fun for Little Fingers – Workbook, MS Word format
Fun for Little Fingers – Facilitator Notes, MS Word format

The following three files are used for running a one-day multi-user workshop. The Facilitator’s Guide is used by the person running the workshop, and the Participant’s Workbook and Easy Guide are for the participants.

Workshop One Facilitator Guide
Participant Workbook
Mountbatten Easy Guide

There are two videos to go with this Workshop:

Workshop Video 1
Workshop Video 2

These videos are a little out of date, but serve to cover the Mountbatten’s features and uses while we look at making new videos.

One-on-one training

The Mountbatten New User Training file is a set of suggestions for introducing a new user to their Mountbatten, and is for the use of trainers and distributors to assist in taking the user through the Mountbatten features in a structured way.

Mountbatten New User training